Welcome to the Zhu-niverse!

The magic began in August of 2009 when a company called Cepia released a new toy. The name: ZhuZhu Pets™. It didn’t take long for these fun and furry hamsters to capture the hearts and imaginations of children all over the world. By Christmas, they were the must-have toy of the season. And with the addition of Kung Zhu™, and the upcoming ZhuZhu Princess™ and ZhuZhu Babies™ the Zhu phenomenon is just beginning!

Zhu-niverse.com is the official Zhu-natic hangout on the web. Children can explore freely and safely in the different worlds of the Zhu-niverse, meet the Zhus, play games, learn new fun ways to play with their Zhu pets, keep an inventory of their Zhu toys and create Zhu wish lists. Engaging, imaginative and creative, the Zhu-niverse is the ultimate place for kids, who love the Zhus!

Good news: the Zhu-niverse is safe and secure. A completely closed site, there is no peer-to-peer interaction. Your child will only be able to interact with furry, funny hamsters and other Zhus!

On behalf of the Zhus, Welcome.


Do you want to learn more? Of course you do!